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Canon Law and Spirituality
Pøibyl Stanislav
The paper aims to show the usefulness of canon law for the spiritual life of the faithful and refutes the deep seated notion that law deadens or inhibits spirituality. First, it proceeds his- torically and gives examples of ecclesial discipline, which have proven to be of substantial help in experiencing spirituality, especially the consecrated way of life. It then points out the ritual richness of the Oriental churches as well as problems associated with the liturgy of the Christian West and cites legal means ensuring that liturgical practice is carried out to the spi- ritual benef t of the faithful. It then analyses in detail diverse forms of consecrated life and the way in which they are conceived by canon law. Then it goes on to investigate lay societies, new movements in the Church and ecumenism. In the sacramental discipline of the Church, canon law is expressed not only as an assurance of the validity and licitness of legal acts, but especially as a prerequisite of the spiritual utility of sacramental life for the faithful.

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