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The Affair of JUDr. Mitlöhner: Case Analysis and Broader Context
Novák Lukáš
The discussion article aims to analyse various aspects of the recent Mitlöhner self-plagiarism affair. The author maintains that self-plagiarism as such is not the worst aspect of the matter, but that there are several much more important failures in the case. The author regards as most disturbing the fact that such a low-quality and morally dubious text can be viewed as legitimate object of academic discussion, and as such be defended, in the present academic milieu. The author further defends the claim that opinions aimed at the destruction of elementary values of humanity, and especially of human dignity as such, should be excluded from the pool of respectable alternatives in academic discourse; the reason being that general moral goods and goals are superior to the specific goods and goals of academic discourse. By way of polemic with T. Doležal and D. Černý the author defends the view that such exclusion is justified even when it is not backed by any robust and consistent ethical reasoning, but merely by natural human moral sense.

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