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Holy Trinity as the Deepest Justification of Christian Mission To Serve or „To Be for the Others“
Hermanovský Peter , Brichcínová Kateřina
The present article clarifies the importance of the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity for Christian life. The paper works on the assumption that the ontological principle of the Triune God is love. The authors abandon the metaphysical categories and think of God from the biblical point of view of salvation history, in the course of which we can experience the love of God. Love implies being in relationship, in which the person who loves empties herself in order to give herself to the loved one. Nevertheless she doesn´t lose herself, on the contrary, in self-giving she realizes herself. Thus love unites without denying personal identity, which it consolidates paradoxically and so it creates perfect unity in diversity, that is perfect communion. The participation in such communion, which exists in the Triune God, appears to be the most basic vocation of the human person created in the image of God.

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