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Use of Philosophical Texts in Extracurricular Activities in the Context of the Personal and Social Development of Children of Younger School Age
Šarníková Gabriela
The paper focuses on the issue of the cross-sectional topic Personal and Social Development in the After-school Activities of Children of Younger School Age when based on the concept of philosophy for children. In Slovakia, there are supporters of this concept who strive to implement it into the educational process. The presented text is a part of wider research, and it represents one of the results of the mentioned efforts.
The aim of the paper is to describe and analyse the course and results of qualitative research carried out during the after-school activity. We focused on the possibilities of using a philosophical text for children and subsequent discussion in the area of personal and social development.
The results of the research showed the suitability of implementing philosophy for children in conjunction with the cross-sectional theme in this type of non-formal education, as well as the relationship between the discussion based on the text and the cross-sectional theme. At the same time, some weaknesses and reservations of the use of philosophical texts for children were revealed.

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