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Australian Standards for Working with the Family in Palliative Care: Experiences from Practice concerning Implementing Organisational Change
Adámková Naděžda, Růžička Michal
The article provides practical experience of the multidisciplinary home hospice care team with organisational change. This change concerns the introduction of Australian standards for patient admission to home hospice care. The aim of the first phase of the research part was to map the current practice of admitting a patient to home hospice care, identify the needs of the team, and prepare the ground for the implementation of organisational change. Based on the obtained data, the team selected and agreed four standards for patient admission. These were implemented in practice in the next phase for a period of three months. The last phase consisted of a joint reflection upon the implementation process. The presented article describes in detail all the partial phases from the point of view of practical experience. At the end, it presents recommendations from which can be used by other organisations when optimising the progress of work in home hospice care teams.

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