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The Importance of Helping Professionals from the Point of View of Economic Theory Development
Šetek Jaroslav
In developed market economies, the importance of the tertiary and quaternary spheres accelerates over the primary and secondary spheres. This is clearly proven by the data of macroeconomic indicators such as the largest share in the area of services concerning the gross domestic product and in the area of employment in the economy. An integral part of the service sector is also helping professions intended for the interest groups of the population. According to the original theoretical concepts of Adam Smith and Karl Marx, the classics of economic theory, these professions are not the creators of the wealth of society. Their ‘unproductive work’ is therefore considered inferior. But the reality is quite different. In particular, the theory of system dynamics and synergetic effect will confirm how these professions contribute to the growth of the quality of life of all society members. The quality of life, as a component of human capital, is one of the sources of stable economic growth.

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