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The Concept of Capability Approach and Its Implications Strengthening the Humanity of (not only) Social Work
Řezáč Karel
In today’s world we are increasingly confronted with the idea that success is expressed in numbers and material wealth. Deeper human values are somehow losing significance and prestige. The risks of such a situation are obvious at first sight. Those who are not economically productive can be seen as a burden in the process of pursuing economic prosperity. This economisation, seen from the perspective of social work, carries the dangerous situation where the social environment is deprived of responsibility for the care of social equality and justice. The capability approach is a concept that draws attention to these risks and offers a humanity concept of well-being (as an alternative to the current technicist concept). For this reason, this concept is presented in this article and its interdisciplinary use is demonstrated in the example of social work which, given its objective, should be the leading field highlighting emerging inequalities in society.

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