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The Effect of Serious Disease on the ‘Traditional’ or ‘Alternative’ Spirituality of Patients: Research Results in Groups of Believers with ‘Traditional’/‘Alternative’ Beliefs
Maryšková Jana
The article presents the basic results of the qualitative research The Effect of Serious Illness on the ‘Traditional’ or ‘Alternative’ Spirituality of Patients. This research was conducted from March to May 2018. The research group consisted of 20 respondents (coming from different age groups and living in South Bohemia) with serious illness, half of which were ‘traditional’ and half ‘alternative’ believers. The research focused on this marginal life situation in the respondents’ spirituality and its impact in the context of clinical pastoral care. Research has shown that serious illness raises questions of meaning and, in that way, opens up space for both ‘traditional’ and ‘alternative’ spirituality. At the same time, it is not a factor that would significantly influence the mutual openness of both types of spirituality. In the context of existing spirituality, it is thus consolidated, deepened, and strengthened. The ‘alternative’ believers become more interested in spiritual things, but not in Christianity. Clinical pastoral care therefore stands before the matter of how to approach the ‘alternative’ believers and how to meet their spiritual needs without losing its Christian anchorage.

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