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The Crossroads of Critical Social Work Practice in the Context of an Institutionalised System of Social Services in the Czech Republic
Janebová Radka
Critical social work practice is (amongst other things) a response to the expansion of neo-liberal ideology. Under such circumstances, it is not particularly easy for this practice to survive. This paper is devoted to organisations whose practice can be or could have been considered critical in the context of the Czech Republic. The aim will be to reflect the selected organisations implementing critical practice and their functioning in relation to the institutionalised system of social services. We will also follow the consequences that integration into the system may have for their critical practice. Examples of the functioning of selected organisations can show how they deal with a dilemma. This dilemma incudes two ways: either to formalise one’s existence (enter an institutionalised social service system, and provide relative financial stability for itself with the risk of the downsizing of critical practice), or remain deformed (to fight financial uncertainty, but have greater freedom to practise critical practice).

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