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Church in the Mission of Jesus Christ: Diaconal Action between Congregation, Community, and Social Enterprises
Noller Annette
This article introduces church theories currently being developed in German Protestant theology. The article deals with Lutheran diaconal perspectives on these church theories. Diaconal action becomes visible as a form of ecclesiastical activity in a socially diff erentiated society. Against the background of profound social transformation processes and an increasing decline of church membership in Protestant churches in Germany, questions of future development of the church will be discussed. Current practical theological theories argue that the Gospel needs to be communicated in plural organisations and diverse professions to reach people in diff erent social situations and milieus. From this point of view diaconal enterprises and diaconal engagement can be seen as a special shape of Church, in which the Gospel of God’s redeeming Grace is communicated as charity. Management methods and examples of diaconal education will be shown in this article, which intend to communicate the diaconal dimension of the Gospel in parochial forms but also in social enterprises, which work on behalf of a social welfare state.

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