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The Church Online: the Roman Catholic Church and Social Media in the Czech Republic
Havlíček Jakub
The article deals with how the Catholic Church is presented on the Internet, especially on social networks. It summarises the official opinions of the Church about the Internet and focuses on the state of the use of social networks by the Church, with an emphasis on the Czech environment. It solves the question of interpreting the issue from the point of view of the socially scientific study of religion. Methodologically, it is based on a qualitative descriptive analysis of primary sources and on a quantitative analysis of pages on social networks. From an emic point of view, the presentation on social networks carries out the informational, evangelistic, and pastoral functions for the Church. The use of social networks is associated with the new evangelisation. From the ethical point of view, the text examines the issue in relation to the concept of secularisation at individual, societal, and organisational levels. Through being presented on social networking the Church responds to the individualisation and privatisation of religions. Being present on social media also helps to establish a media and public agenda of the Church, and to form, maintain, and spread religious memory. Changes in the organisational structure of the Church administration can also be observed by which the Church has responded to socio-cultural changes in modern societies.

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