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Does Man Seek More than Himself? Patočka’s and Frankl’s Concepts of Seeking Meaning and Their Stimuli for Maritain’s Integral Humanism at the Beginning of the 21st Century with Regard to Religious and Pedagogical Questions
Muchová Ludmila, Hořejší Petra
The article deals with Maritain’s interpretation of integral Christian humanism in confrontation with materialistic humanism, man-centred humanism, with the ideas of the philosopher J. Patočka and the psychotherapist V. E. Frankl. Both had a common experience with the totalitarian regimes that Maritain considered to be the logical outcome of materialistic humanism. The description of their ideas is complemented by qualitative research that concerns the perception of the values of beauty, goodness, and meaning in today’s young people. The discussion of its results leads, in the context of these ideas, to the formulation of a new relationship between Christian humanism and the humanism of people without Christian faith.

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