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The Theory of Natural Law and its Application in Social Work – Philosophico-Theological Points of Departure and Contemporary Practical Application
Opatrný Michal , Flídrová Monika
The study aims to provide argumentative support for utilising the theory of natural law in social work, because it enables the subject to apply universal values and norms in particular social and cultural conditions. This study conceives the theory of natural law as one of a number of ethical theories relevant for social work, i.e., such as are applicable in solving social problems. It derives its reasoning from the so-called dynamic conception of natural law, which in the case of social work provides the worker with basic orientation and places an emphasis on the freedom and responsibility of the individual. For this reason, this study views the theory of natural law as useful for so-called Christian social work, as well as for social work in general. Based on an analysis of the application of natural law in social work the study also states a partial discord between so-called Christian social work and natural law theory.

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