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The Worker in the Helping Professions – a Unique Person, a Professional, a Worker?: A Refl ection on the Personal Responsibility of the Social and Pastoral Worker Based on the Principles of Christian Ethics
Šrajer Jindřich
The presented work is called ‘The employee in the helping professions – a unique person, a professional, a worker?’ The Social and Pastoral Worker: A Refl ection of Self-Responsibility Based on the Principles of Christian Ethics off ers a partial ‘picture’ of the ethically demanded profi le of a worker in helping professions, namely of a social and pastoral worker, based on the refl ection of social changes and with those associated changes in the human moral consciousness in postmodern or hypermodern society, and the concept of responsibility in the tradition of Christian ethics, particularly embodied in the ideas of Pope Francis and his apostolic exhortation Amoris laetitia (2016).

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