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The Instructor-Professional! A Worker or an Animator?
Macků Richard , Röhrerová Veronika
The paper responds to the current phenomenon of young instructors working in organisations that are engaged in the development of individuals and groups using experiential methods. These young instructors are methodically well-equipped, but their experience often has only ‘instant nature’. Therefore, the text deals with the diff erences in the concept of the instructor working in the role of the animator on one hand and the instantly working instructor-worker on the other. The aim of the qualitatively conceived empirical probe was to map the perception of issues related to instructorship among the instructors of experiential events themselves. Semi-structured interviews were subjected to a framework analysis; its output is a pair of conceptual maps that indicate the diff erences between the two methods of instructor work. The findings of this investigation can be the basis for building a diagnostic tool for instructors.

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