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Spirituality in Social Work with Respect to the Helping Person’s Education and Skills
Cimrmannová Tereza
The spiritual dimension signif cantly af ects the quality of life, which is beyond dispute today. The concept of spiritually sensitive and spiritually oriented social work has been elaborated well in theory. However, under what conditions are these concepts workable in practice? How signif cant is the social worker’s personal spirituality in communication with the client? The text also presents the limits and risks, due to which many social workers in religious and other organisations are not or cannot be experts in clients’ spiritual needs. This does not negate the signif cance of spirituality in social work, albeit it need not be explicit. Yet there are several possibilities of focusing on spirituality in the helping professions in a qualif ed way. The blind spot and challenge in the Czech practice is the spiritual needs of clients who do not belong to any religious denomination.

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