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Does the Papal Doctrine on Sport Exert Influence on Theologians in the Czech Republic? (An Analysis of Survey Results)
Svoboda Vojtěch
This study deals with the theological reflection of sport. In the first part it presents the way in which sport was evaluated by John Paul II and Benedict XVI. The information on this point comes mainly from the speeches, letters and other texts in which the two Popes devoted extensive space to sport. The second part of the study presents the answers to questions concerning the body and sport, which the author presented to a selected specimen of theologians in the Czech Republic. The study aims to provide the possibility to compare these two types of statements. The papal statements and the addressed theologians mostly agree on the question of how sport is beneficial to the individual. But the selected group of theologians made no statement regarding the interpersonal or global aspect of sport. The author proposes aiming further research in this direction.

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