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A Typology of Good and Evil: An Analysis of the Work Education of a Christian Prince by Erasmus of Rotterdam
Stulík Ondřej
The paper deals with the political philosophy of Erasmus of Rotterdam in his work Education of a Christian Prince and focuses on the relationship of the concepts of ‘goodness’, ‘wisdom’ and ‘power’ with respect to the rulership of a king in the milieu of a monarchy as a system of government. The paper aims to present a good rulership as a type of a political system and the role of the king as an agent who has political power at his disposal with respect to the moral good as a principle. The methods employed were framing and content analysis. The main finding is the appeal for the king’s responsibility for service rendered to his subjects, whereby Erasmus creates the ethical content of the legitimacy of ruling before God (by means of power exercised for the good of all with the aim of maintaining social stability). Erasmus’s legacy for political philosophy is perennial, because, due to the mutual interdependence of goodness, wisdom and power, legitimacy is not flattened out into a visible, neutral, bureaucratic exercise of power.

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