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The Attitude of Social Workers to the Implementation of the Standards of Quality of Social Services
Elichová Markéta , Sýkorová Anna
Based on analysing the results of a research investigation, the paper describes the attitude of social workers to the Standards of Quality of Social Services, especially from the point of view of the individual conception and grasp of the meaning of the Standards for social work by the workers themselves, and especially with respect to their practice in a particular organisation. The views and attitudes of the social workers are set in the context of the present situation in the field of social work and of the innovation of the Standards of Quality which is currently being prepared by the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs. Based on the investigation, the text describes three main sources of problem in implementing the Standards, which occur at all levels, from the level of society to the level of the individual. These are followed by proposals for the solutions. The text also addresses the issue of education in social work as a factor that significantly affects the formation of social workers’ attitudes.

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