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The Phenomenon of Migration from the Point of View of the Idea of Developing the Common Home Contained in Catholic Social Teaching, Especially as Formulated by Popes Benedict XVI and Francis
Šrajer Jindřich
The study reflects upon the phenomenon of migration from the point of view of Catholic social teaching. It aims to view the contemporary problem of migration at the beginning of the third millennium, especially through the eyes of two Popes – Benedict XVI and Francis – based on reflecting upon two principles engaged by Catholic social teaching to justify its attitude towards migration. One is the cosmopolitan principle (the idea of a common home, one world), and the other is the political principle. In the Popes’ view, accounting for the idea of the unity of the human race and the requirement of universal brotherhood is a fundamental idea, or rather an objective to aim for, which gives rise to important challenges towards the realisation of a better world. In this respect the phenomenon of migration presents not only a problem for them, but primarily a challenge and an opportunity to testify to the unity of the human race and universal brotherhood.

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