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Christian Magazine on Czech Television and Topics from the Constitution Gaudium et spes
Jetelina Bedřich
The paper analyzes episodes of the Christian Magazine programme broadcast in 2012–2015 by the public service Czech Television. The content analysis aims to find out how and to what extent this news and reporting programme reflects the “particularly urgent needs characterizing the present age” mentioned in the second part of the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World Gaudium et spes. “Particularly urgent needs characterizing the present age” are the main topic of only 23% of the reports broadcast during the investigated period, most of them dealing with cultural issues. Despite the restrictions of content analysis as compared to qualitative methods of research the results may serve as an incentive for reflection not only on the form of presenting “particularly urgent needs characterizing the present age” on the part of the Church, but also for reflection on the part of Czech Television.

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