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Christian-Moslem Relations after the Second Vatican Council
Kropáček Luboš
The proposed paper reflects on the relations among the three great world religions confessing one God – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – and their development since Vatican Council II up to the present. It notes that the Council denoted an important turn in the Catholic Church’s attitude to the other two religions and exhorted Christians to view them positively. This message is contained especially in the pastoral constitution Gaudium et spes and the declaration Nostra aetate. The paper shows how the legacy of these documents is or is not realized in subsequent practice. It informs of initiatives supporting good relationships in various ways, ensuing from Christians as well as from Moslems. It points out that in the contemporary world, in which the mingling of cultures is increasing, interreligious dialogue is becoming more important and it is necessary to keep striving for it.

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