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Gaudium et spes, Globalization and the Developing World
Kochuthara Shaji G.
In its current meaning, the concept of “globalization” had its origin in 1970s. However, Gaudium et spes visualizes the need of an interconnected world, where all are related to each other in fraternity and solidarity. This paper, drawing inspiration from the constitution Gaudium et spes and subsequent Church documents, analzes globalization, especially from the perspective of the developing world. As an ideal of interconnectedness of peoples, nations and cultures, globalization offers great possibilities. To realize this, globalization has to be rooted in the principle of solidarity, especially solidarity with the poor, the cultures and the ecology. Globalization should not be first all of about money, market or competition, but about people and their interconnectedness in a world which has to become one human family. The human person must be at the centre of globalization. Economic prosperity will lead to long lasting peace and development only if it ensures justice to all.

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